Patients Group

Station Drive Patients Group
Our next meeting is in the Surgery foyer at 7pm on Tuesday 19th of September, 2017.
Our last meeting was on 11/7/2017 and we discussed:
  • Patient experience
  • Practice development
  • Local Health Provision
  • Minutes from this meeting will be published here in due course.


This Group has been set up to aid communication between the Practice and its Patients. The Group normally meets in the Surgery waiting room at 7pm Quarterly on the first Thursday.

These meetings are informal and are chaired this year by Mr. Peter Gillard
Do come and hear about ideas, suggestions and concerns already put forward. All Patients are welcome. We very much look forward to seeing or hearing from you. The group is friendly and informal and in particular we would welcome input from younger patients and those with young families.
Previous Meeting Minutes:
Future Fit briefing: FuturefitBriefing
Survey Results from 2014 Flu Day Survey: Survey results 2014
Survey results form 2011 and 2013 compared: Patient_Survey_Result_2013-4_compared_to_2011-2
Action Plans and Patient Group report 2013/14: Patient Participation 2013-4
Patient Group report 2014/15: Patient Participation 2014-5
If you are unable to come in person, please do make full use of the Suggestions Box located in the surgery waiting room or e-mail your ideas to us at using subject heading “Suggestions for patient group”. All suggestions will be brought forward at the next meeting.