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If you live within the practice area and would like to join the practice you just have to complete a simple registration form. You can download this form here (new patient registration form) or collect one from our reception team. For most people only the first page needs filling out and signing. You can hand the form in at our reception desk (or even post it to the address below) or you can email a completed form to entitle the subject heading “new patient” or words to that effect) – our team can then register you straightaway so you can avoid paperwork prior to your first appointment.  It is helpful (but not essential) that you can provide the details of your current GP when registering as a new patient here.
If you are living outside of our practice area it is usually possible for you to register with us under the new “out of area registration” initiative. We are happy to have anyone as a patient at our practice and would obviously not discriminate under any grounds. If you become an “out of area patient” please be aware that achieving a home visit will require a phone-call to the NHS 111 service as opposed to our reception team – all other appointments ringing our reception team is fine.
Every patient that is registered with the practice has a named GP allocated. This does not affect your registration in any way and you are still free to see the GP of your choice whenever possible (we encourage continuity). We also recommend that you register for online ‘patient access’ to your records at the same time (by completing an additional consent form and having your a photo-ID checked). Once you are registered for online patient access you can access appointment bookings, test results and your medical record through the link here: Patient Access online system.
The red shaded patch on the map below shows the area that we cover. But it is usually possible to register for long-term care as an out-of-area patient if you live anywhere beyond (e.g. some people have their main address in London but are still registered with us here in Ludlow). Also anyone without a local GP needing to be seen in an emergency but not long-term (e.g. while on holiday) can be seen as a temporary patient for ‘immediate and necessary treatment’.
Here at Station Drive Surgery we pride ourselves on providing great care together. We have attained 100% quality outcome framework scores for 3-years running. To see our latest CQC report follow this link: Station Drive Surgery CQC report September 2016. We are constantly trying to adapt our service to the changing requirements of our patients. We appreciate all feedback and would not get anywhere without the help of our patients and our patient group.
Our address: Station Drive Surgery, Station Drive, Ludlow, SY8 2AB