Self-Help Information



Our search bar on our title webpage links to – we find it a very helpful source of information. This site is also linked to our EMIS GP system and provides both public and professional advice. It is a trusted site to start looking for health information.

A useful self help guide from Shropshire CCG
This is an excellent site containing advice and exercise sheets to aid improvement in your joints.


Mental Health

Mental health can be a very daunting area to try and make sense of – there are so many different labels and opinions out there. We’ve tried to organise some of the huge amount of information available into different types of help. If you have any feedback about this site or any of those linked to, please let us know.


Sites that explain diagnoses and the meaning of different mental health terms




Booklets (PDFs)




Self-help pages


Worksheet-based course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):


Online courses:




Charities and groups for specific problems (not exhaustive)




Bipolar disorder




Eating disorders




Sites designed for specific groups of people (but not exclusive)


Young people







Has some excellent resources for helping parents and carers keep children safe e.g. how to talk PANTS – discussing how to stay safe, knowing the boundaries of private parts (under your pants/ underwear) and how and why to say ‘No’.




Drugs advice



Useful advice and a calculator to check your own alcohol use

A very helpful site for everyone affected by a family members drinking

A bookshelf of useful guides and resources when it comes to anything encompassing mental health, bereavement or sleeping problems.

A starting place for smoking cessation advice

We run smoking clinics and support smokers who want to stop ask reception about our easy access (evening) clinics


Other titles to follow:








Heart Disease