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Tell Us, Before We See You

Tell Us, Before We See You:

We’ll start work on helping, before your appointment

First, please book an appointment online, by telephone or in person.

Next, use this facility to tell us how you are feeling by clicking on the blue ‘Tell Us, Before We See You’ button above.
By sharing your symptoms and your questions before you attend:
  • You can have the convenience of listing your symptoms when at home or at work, at evenings or at weekends, at your own pace
  • All submissions are viewed first by our senior GPs and then delegated to an appropriate member of the team.  We will prepare for your visit by researching possible diagnoses and treatment options to discuss with you.  This will improve the quality and accuracy of our service to you
  • We may be able to save you an unnecessary surgery visit by arranging tests or referral to an appropriate professional in a more timely manner
  • We can use your appointment time productively and help cut down on unnecessary waiting
  • Patients whose first language is not English:  Use this service to take your time and get support from friends and family to describe your symptoms, your thoughts, concerns and ways you’d like us to help.


Please Note: The information you enter will be collected & transported in a secure manner using 128 bit SSL encryption