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Clinics & Procedures offered


If you have not received your invite yet please get in touch as we may need to generate a prescription for the vaccination a few days prior to your attendance. Pre-school children over the age of 2 are also being vaccinated against flu at Station Drive Surgery.

Clinics and Services

Station Drive Surgery provide General Medical Services under our contract with the NHS, we also provide additional services which we hope make our patients experience better e.g. Extended Opening (we chose to open 8-8 to offer patients better access). Some of our services are are described here:

Cervical Screening

We offer all women aged 25-49 three yearly and aged 50-65 five yearly routine screening for cervical cancer.

Childhood immunisations and antenatal checks

We provide all childhood immunisations and are keen to ensure children are immunised. We support the local midwives and obstetricians in antenatal care.
Childhood imms are normally given on Wednesday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm on an appointment only basis. Mothers are asked to bring the Child Health Record (the red book) with them for each appointment.

Clinical Psychologist Appointments

For Psychological Support

We provide access to a number of NHS counselling and mental health services but also have an in-house expert (Dr Laura Fisk) who can help navigate and signpost patients to the best service for them.

She works with adults and children struggling with:

  • Mental distress and mental health problems
  • Adjusting to life events
  • Managing chronic health conditions

The service is provided in conjunction with West Midlands Patient Access, South Staffordshire & Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust and supported by the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund. Our clinical psychologist is happy often to provide fast track advice and assessment with a short appointment or telephone call (normally about 30 minutes). She is also trained to offer therapy and other interventions, but will also signpost to other excellent local services, where appropriate. Appointments are available 9am – 5pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Blood tests

Our excellent nurses and health care assistant provide an excellent phlebotomy service for tests arranged by your doctor as well as routine tests for monitoring disease e.g. annual blood tests for patients with Diabetes.

Electrocardiograms (ECG/ ‘heart trace’) and Echocardiography

Your GP may request that you get a heart trace (ECG) which our nurses and health care assistants can complete. If your GP thinks you need an ultrasound scan of your heart – then that can now be carried out at Station Drive Surgery by trained sonographers (from the hospital) who are providing a community service from our practice from February 2017.


The Practice works in partnership with the local midwives and health visitors to offer a comprehensive antenatal and postnatal service. Preconceptual advice and guidance is available from your GP or Nurse. If you are pregnant make a GP appointment and we will arrange booking clinic review where you are able to discuss your choices of hospital and community care.


The Practice offers a complete contraception service including fitting implants and coils. In addition we run specialist Family Planning Clinics where an expert Dr Karen Russel is available to discuss complex cases and to provide iucd and implant services.

Joint Injections

Dr Harris offers joint injections.

Flu jabs, Pneumonia and Shingles Vaccinations

All over 65 year olds and those at risk (see below) are advised to have annual flu jabs. The Practice runs clinics in the autumn. In addition we try and ensure all eligible patients are offered Pneumonia vaccination and Shingles Vaccinations.

At risk:
  • Chronic respiratory disease, including asthma (if on a steroid based medication)
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Immunosuppressed


We have an expert lead in Diabetes Sister Selina Bernard who will help you manage your diabetes. Several of the GPs have a specialist interest in diabetes.

Weight Management and Smoking Cessation

We can help you manage your weight or to stop smoking. We have programmes designed to support weight control and for smoking cessation. These clinics are often available in the evening surgeries to allow busy working people to be supported in changing and developing better health habits.

Well Woman and Well Man Health Checks

This is a nurse led clinic. Health Checks for over 40’s again we try and provide some of these clinics in the evening surgeries. The Health Check includes finger prick diabetes and cholesterol checks.

Travel Medicines & Jabs

We offer travel innoculations and advice on medical precautions to take when travelling. The NHS does not pay for travel vaccinations so there will be a charge for these.

Please be aware that some vaccinations need to be given a set time period prior to travel. The “fit for travel” website gives information on vaccinations required:

If you are new to our practice and would like to be seen here you can join by completing a simple registration form. You can download this form here (new patient registration form) or collect one from our reception team. For most people only the first page needs filling out and signing. You can hand the form in at our reception desk (or even post it to us at Station Drive Surgery, Ludlow, SY8 2AB) or you can email a completed form to (please entitle the subject heading “new patient” or words to that effect) – our team can then register you straightaway so you can avoid paperwork prior to your first appointment.  It is helpful (but not essential) that you can provide the details of your current GP when registering as a new patient here.